24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Our managed security services accelerate and simplify threat detection, incident response and compliance management for IT teams. We provide the skilled staff with security expertise to help build an integrated cybersecurity system.

Protecting your data can be one of the biggest challenges for your business. Our clients can rest easy knowing that their data is protected 24/7 by our team of specialist SOC analysts.

Our managed security services include:

Our managed Security Services are available in two different options:

  • Core Compliance
  • Enhanced Compliance

Backups and Business Continuity

This service allows us to create backups of your servers and systems hourly to decrease the recovery time of your systems and data should a problem arise. DataSure24’s rapid recovery service offers:

    Volume based images are taken hourly to maintain current copies of your data.
    Virtual copies of your systems exist on-site and off-site helping you meet some of your disaster recovery goals.
    Encrypted in transit and at rest.
    Our RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is within an hour of an attack. This level of service allows you to recover your data swiftly and efficiently. This ensures minimization of down-time and maximization of business up-time.
    Our 24/7 staff continuously monitor the systems to ensure that the backups are created and stored safely in our off-site location.